District Criminal Division

Kim Earl - Supervisor/Internal Auditor
District Court, Mobile County | 205 Government Street | Rm 338, N Tower | Mobile, AL 36644
Phone: (251) 574-8511

On-line payments for traffic citations, by Visa or MasterCard, are available at https://traffic.alacourt.gov or toll free: (877) 252-7294

Mailing instructions for payments:
Cashier checks or money orders.  No personal checks are accepted.
Mail to: District Court, 205 Government Street, Rm. 338, North Tower, Mobile, AL 36644
Payment Window: Atrium at 205 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36644
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.
Cash is accepted but it must be the exact amount.

Court Appearance Locations:
Traffic Cases - 401 Civic Center Drive, Mobile, AL 36602
Criminal Cases - 205 Government Street, North Tower, 4th Floor, Mobile, AL 36644
Hours: Court starts at 8:30 a.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a ticket, how much is it?
Did you receive it by a city officer, state trooper or deputy sheriff?  If you received it by a city officer then you must call (251) 208-7055 to find out the necessary information.  State trooper tickets and deputy sheriff tickets in Mobile County are resolved with the District Court.  Call (251) 574-8511.

My family/friend received a ticket.  Can I come in and pay the ticket for them?
Yes you can but only if you bring in the person’s ticket with the person’s signature on the back of the ticket.  This signature indicates the person wishes to plead guilty to this citation.

I would like to attend driving school, what can I do?
Criteria to attend driving school listed below:

  1. Ticket must have been issued on or after 3/16/2020.
  2. You can't possess a CDL license.
  3. You have not attended a driving school course within the last year.
  4. You have not received a moving violation within the last year.

If you meet the criteria, please call Alabama Safety Institute at 251-450-0200.  You will be required to pay a fee to attend driving school, you must pay the court costs of $169.00 and complete the driving school course seven days prior to your court appearance date on your citation.

The $169.00 court costs must be mailed to: District Court, 205 Government Street, Rm. 338, North Tower, Mobile, AL 36644.  Cashier check or money order.

I received a ticket for no proof of insurance.  What do I do about this ticket without having to come to court?
First, if you had insurance but you did not have it in the vehicle you were driving you can mail in a copy of your insurance card for that time period you were cited for.  If it is valid then your ticket will be nolle prossed.  Second, if you purchased the insurance after you received this ticket, then you must mail in a copy of the valid insurance card along with $169.00 money order or cashier check for the court costs.  Third, if you never received your insurance then you can pay $219.00 for this ticket.

I received a ticket for no driver’s license, what do I do?
If you had a valid license but did not have it in your possession at the time of your citation, mail in a copy of your license along with your citation and your citation will be nolle prossed.  If you did not have a valid license at the time of citation but at a later date got a valid license then mail in a copy of your valid license and $169.00 money order or cashier’s check for court costs.  If you wish to pay the ticket it will be $244.00.

I received an improper tag ticket, what do I do?
If you had a tag but did not have your tag receipt in your vehicle at the time you were given this ticket then all you need to do is send a valid copy of the tag receipt.  Note: the tag receipt must reflect the vehicle information for the vehicle you were cited in.  If you receive a valid tag after the ticket was issued then you must present a copy of the renewed tag receipt with $169.00 for court costs.  If you never renew the tag then you can pay $194.00.

All the above issues can be resolved by mailing this information to our office.